Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Jesus has a sense of humor

Last year when I needed a place to gripe and keep track of all the things going on in my head, I turned here. One of the first posts I wrote was about my 2012 goals/resolutions/to-do list, which included "get knocked up in 2012". This led to a barrage of "omg, you're having another baby?! Why didn't you tell me?!" emails from people I see on the regular. By "barrage", I obviously mean two. Regardless, I decided to cease talking about my bedroom activities for the time being.

Spoiler alert: I'm pregnant! I could drag you on through this entire post and then tell you but I'm not James Patterson and you didn't pay $24.99 to read this so let's just keep it real.

Back to me. For reasons not relevant to this blog, we started trying in July. I should mention that when I got pregnant with NJ, we talked about it and then a month later I was staring at two pink lines. No one could have been more shocked than me at just how quickly that happened. So it's safe to say I was cocky.

Spoiler alert #2: I'm also naive.

By the end of my July cycle, I am pretty sure I had peed on at least 10 tests, absolutely convinced they were all wrong. But they were not. Neither were the ones in August or September. Then it was Halloween and Thanksgiving. Still nothing. I was heartbroken. We were supposed to get pregnant this year and it just wasn't happening.

In December, I was finishing up what I knew would be our last cycle of 2012. I prayed so hard but it too was negative. There would be no 2012 baby. (This also coincided with a cookie swap where I ingested a LOT of wine and proceeded to bitch for 3 hours about my bed that would never be finished and my vacant uterus. I'm pretty sure I won't be invited back next year.)

The timing for our next cycle was bad. I didn't think we had a chance but lo and behold, on January 12, I saw what I had been hoping for. Today I am 10 weeks & 1 day, due September 24. To say we are elated and grateful is an understatement.

A couple days after finding out I looked at my chart to see if I could pinpoint the date of conception. And I could. December 31, 2012. We did the dirty and then five minutes later watched the ball drop.

Well played, Jesus. Well played.