Monday, March 11, 2013


Dear Norah,

My sweet girl, you are three today. I will never forget the moment I heard your first cries. You've grown up so much and it makes your momma both proud and a little sad. You are so polite and know all your manners just like a little lady! You love to watch Dora and Cinderella in the afternoons while having a snack. Your favorite foods are fruit, mushrooms, "toodles", rice & gravy, yogurt, and chocolate. Coco and Georgia are your current playmates but soon you will have a baby brother or sister to play with too. You are so excited and love to tell everyone about the baby in mommy's belly! You also are very curious and always want to know what everyone's name is, wherever we go. You also love to tell mommy and daddy that you love us so much, all the time! We love you too, monkey. More than you will ever know!


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